Free class for beginners

If you’re curious about trying aikido but aren't ready to commit to becoming a member, you are welcome to participate for free in one of our weekly Tuesday classes held 6:00-7:15 PM. You’ll see aikido in action and get a taste for what it’s all about.  If Tuesday is not a convenient day for you, please contact the dojo to ask about coming on a different day for a free class. And if you want to come a few times to make up your mind, that's fine too.

Please bring comfortable workout clothes and arrive about 10 minutes early. Changing areas for men and women are available.



    Once you get settled into your aikido training, you'll want to buy a uniform called a gi. New and existing members may obtain uniforms through the dojo at cost. Ask Sensei David Cody after one of his classes. Uniforms may also be purchased online. If you purchase online, we recommend: